Our gift to everyone – a completely free, simple, and automated way to make money online. We’ve went through all the hard ways – affiliate marketing, sales, CPC/CPA programs, paid surveys…some of them don’t work, others only work if you work at it all the time (which is basically like having a job).

So we made something that DOES work. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you know that wants to make money online. It’s easier than you think.


You do NOT require:

–          Money (no signup fees, no hidden charges, no credit card required)

–          A Website (no banner ads, no link building, no maintenance)

–          Coding Experience (no coding)

–          Writing Experience (no articles, ad-copy, or blog posts)

–          Sales Experience (no sales)


You DO require:

An Active Adsense Account

–          30 minutes

–          The ability to follow simple instructions

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How to earn $1000 extra per month

“The Math”
Profits depend largely on the niche that you have chosen. Some niches pay better than others and some niches are seasonal (pay varies based on demand)

The estimates below are based upon stats that were collected from over 100 existing projects (representing each individual niche available). Earning estimates are based upon the average pay per follower (across all projects) and are not to be considered a guarantee (as individual rates vary from niche to niche).

Scenario: A target of $1000 extra income per month.

How many followers do I need?

Estimate based on average: 120000
Estimate based on highest paying niches/seasons: 8100

120000 followers? Are we crazy?!
120000 followers can seem like a lot – because it is – but rather than waiting to accumulate 120000 followers on a single account (see growth rate below), create multiple projects instead.

There are over 140 niches available to choose from (and numerous subcategories for each) – the possibilities are nearly limitless. As mentioned, these estimates are based on accounts already earning income online.

How many followers do you need per project to reach $1000 monthly?

  • 10 Projects based on Average = 12000 followers per project (810 on higher paying niches/seasons)
  • 25 Projects based on Average = 4800 followers per project (325 on higher paying niches/seasons)
  • 50 Projects based on Average = 2400 followers per project (165 on higher paying niches/seasons)
  • 100 Projects based on Average = 1200 followers per project (81 on higher paying niches/seasons)

How much time will it take to setup?

  • 5 hours for 10 projects. –> an afternoon
  • 12.5 hours for 25 projects –> a few afternoons (4 hours per day for 3 days)
  • 25 hours for 50 projects –> a week of afternoons (5 hours per day for 5 days)
  • 50 hours for 100 projects –> a little more than what you would do in a week of full time employment

The Truth

There is no easy method to making sustainable money online. You have to work for it – you have to put energy into it in the same way you would put energy into a job. The difference is that a job goes on forever while these income streams only require a one time setup.

Once you’re done – you’re done. No further time or energy required – your projects will grow naturally over time, earning you more and more income because of the effort you put in today!

You’re investing your time so that you can have more of it for the rest of your life.

How quickly does an automated project grow followers?

The average growth rate for an automated project is 55% more followers per month (150% on more popular niches). The more followers you have to start, the faster your projects will grow. To kick-start each account, follow the instructions at the end of the manual.

How do I find the best paying niches?

You can use Googles Keyword Planner to research niche traffic levels and average cost per click for advertisers. Try to choose a niche with high traffic and high cost per click for advertisers.

Good luck!